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Papi Max

Papi Max StackX 2.0 - 120 Compartment Brick Storage Box Drawer System with dividers – White

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Lego Storage Boxes - White

Technical Specifications

  • Stackable Lego Storage boxes in White
  • This set contains 8 individual boxes
  • Strong and easy to use the Interlocking system
  • Clever Pressure Free Design
  • Fit together Vertically or side by side
  • Each drawer can be split into 15 segments
  • Removable dividers
  • Each Drawer can hold over 1500 Lego Bricks
  • One drawer Measures 37x 23x 6cm
  • Available in Black or White
  • UPC: 641938058888

Interlocking System

Slot in Stackable System

By Lego Fans, For Lego Fans

Are you running out of space and ideas for Lego storage? We were, and we’re more than familiar with the eternal struggle of storing and organizing Lego bricks. With numerous containers and boxes full of Lego bricks, finding the right bricks for your creation is often an onerous task. We knew there had to be a better way to store our Lego bricks, but couldn’t find anything that suited the needs of a dedicated Lego fan. That’s why we had the idea to design our own brick storage containers.

Lego Storage ideas

One of the biggest problems faced with organizing Lego bricks is the varying size of bricks. That’s why our plastic storage containers have removable and editable dividers, which allow you to split each container into up to 15 separate brick compartments. So whether you need storage for minifigures or long and awkward 1x8 bricks, you can personalize each drawer to suit your storage needs.

With space for labels on the front, each drawer can be sorted by brick colour, design I.D or even by Lego set.

Unlike many smaller drawers and boxes used to store Lego, our drawers have been custom designed specifically for holding Lego bricks, and so are big enough to hold over up to 1500 2x2 bricks.

Lego Organisation

Say goodbye to having shelves full of boxes, and large bins filled with bricks piled on top of each other, our storage drawers are fully stackable. By using a clever locking mechanism, each drawer is stackable both vertically and horizontally, remaining sturdy and safe no matter how tall or wide you build. Each set of drawers are designed to be easily expanded on, so your storage solution can grow alongside your Lego collection.

Clever weight distribution and strong materials mean that even when stacked floor to ceiling, the bottom drawers will slide out just as smoothly, giving you instant and easy access to every brick!


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