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Avengers Lego Minifigure Sisplay Frame

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Minifigures are for demonstration purposes only!

Technical Specifications

  • White Display Frame with printed back
  • Prints can be reversed for a solid white background.
  • Print can be fully removed and replaced with your own custom prints
  • Holds up to 18 Lego Minifigures
  • Lego Compatible Mounts
  • Removable acrylic Front to Keep Minifigures Dust Free
  • Included 2x3 bricks for Minifigures with tails. 
  • 25x 25 cm  

Whether you want to keep your Lego minifigures dust free and behind glass or have them easily accessible, you can display them with style in one of our handmade display frames. Our frames come in either black or white and with a variety of printed back panel designs, so you can match the style of frame to any Minifigure Series that you may want to display. 

Our minifigure mounts are designed with precision in mind so that they are fully compatible with Lego branded figures. To accommodate some standard minifigures with tails, such as Shark Suit Guy or Tiger Woman, we provide 2 2x3 bricks to add depth to the mounts. Over-sized Minifigures such as Goblin King or Giant Hulk do not fit on these mounts. 

This frame comes in a black finish, with avengers style print to highlight the back panel, we think it goes great with any Lego Minifigure Series, but especially Avengers mini figures. This frame also comes in full retail packaging, making it the perfect gift for any Lego fan. Each print is also reversible, giving you the option for a plain white backdrop, or even remove it to add your own print. 

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