Papimax Custom chrome Lego ninjago Mini Figures Lloyd

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Lego Ninjago Lloyd Minifigure - Metallic Gold

All of our chromed minifigures are made from genuine Lego Minifigures, and painted with quality in mind. We use dual layering techniques and high quality paints to coat each figure, ensuring a smooth and shiny finish.


  • Custom Painted Lloyd Minifigure - Gold
  • Genuine Lego Ninjago Mini Figure
  • High Quality Dual Layer Coat
  • Carefully coated in a dust free environment

These figures are intended for display purposes and light play. The inside of the hands are considered non-chromed due to paint scratching if weapons or accessories are put in the hand. Non Visible areas such as the inside of the top of the neck and the areas inside the figure are may not be coated. Colour may vary slightly from picture, due to monitor colours.



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