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Lego Storage ideas

What’s the best Lego storage box?

Organizing and storing Lego has been a personal DIY task for most serious builders since forever. It seems even professional builders for the most part have a sub-par or difficult to navigate systems which waste time and take much longer than needed to find the necessary Lego parts. We believe we’ve created the ultimate Lego storage solution at Papimax with a long list of reasons as to why that is.

Lego organization

First let’s take a look at the basics of the product, before I go into large detail on some of the features. Lego organizing in our storage boxes is easy, with each drawer coming with 6 dividers (4 short, 2 long) making the drawer itself completely customizable. Essentially what this means is you can pick how you want to organize your Lego. Creating different sized sections for a variety of brick sizes means you won’t have to worry size requirements or restrictions.
Lego storage ideas Lego storage box

Create a Lego wall

Our storage containers are completely stackable and interlocking. Meaning you can solidly stack the boxes on top of each other, as well as lock them together to build side by side.  Not everyone can dedicate a whole room to storing Lego, despite having enough bricks to fill one! With our storage boxes, you can be flexible with where you want to place your Lego storage. If you don’t have much space, you can build under a desk or bed, against a wall or in a cabinet. You may not have the instant need for this many storage boxes as shown, but as your collection grows so will the need to store them which is why we sell in sets of 1, 2 and 8. For bulk purchases feel free to get in contact and we’re happy to discuss a bulk buy price.
lego storage boxes lego storage wall

Pressure free weight distribution design

Most storage units get weight down, meaning when you stack them high the lower drawers become more difficult to open. Our storage units don’t have this problem due to the intelligent weight destitution meaning the drawers open the same whether you have 10 drawers stacked on top of each other or none.  

Lego Storage Ideas and Solutions - Lego Storage Boxes