A BEmoji a day: My favourite minifigure (Star Wars - Dart Vader) with my favourite BEmoji tile (Day 7)

BEmojis Darth Vader LEGO accessory Lego Star Wars

Hello fellow AFOLs, TFOL's and just plain old FOL's 


Thought I would round off the first week of the BEmoji calendar with my favourite picture so far 

LEGO accessory Darth Vader Star Wars

Star Wars' Darth Vader is my favourite minifigure and arguably the greatest villain in the history of cinema!

As composed as he is I believe even he would freak out if there were no more doughnuts present in the Galactic Empire meetings.


What do you think?


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If you don't have BEmojis then what are you waiting for? Get some here and join the party.


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