A BEmoji a day: Courtesy of mellentuck (Day 14)

BEmojis Lego mellentuck

@mellentuck is a hugely popular Instagrammer with a following of over 25,000 people. This is no surprise due to the high-quality images he delivers.

His tagline in his bio reads...

One man. His iPhone. A ton of Legos! The adventures are endless.

...and the adventures really are endless! mellentuck has a flair for photographing minifigures in real life situations. 

His use of natural terrain and beautiful sunsets makes his photos stand out from the rest.

I strongly advise all AFOL's to check out the profile @mellentuck as the images there are truly inspiring!

mellentuck benny lego minifigure bemojis

Thanks again to mellentuck for this awesome image using BEmojis.

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