Top 10 Lego Christmas Gifts for Kids - Christmas 2017

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Top 10 Lego Gifts for Kids


By Mike Freeman

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With so many Lego sets being released each year, it's an almost impossible job to know which would make the best gifts for children. It's not always the biggest and most expensive gifts that bring the most joy. We're always told “it's the thought that counts” but they never said who was meant to be doing that thinking…. And that's where we step in!


We've selected the top 10 Lego sets suitable to give to children as gifts this Christmas. We've made sure to look at several areas including value for money, playability, current trends and of course, how cool they are!


This guide will ensure you're the top gift giver this festive season.


  1. 10739 Shark Attack (rrp £15.99)

lego Christmas gifts for kids

This Lego Ninjago Movie set is part of the Lego Juniors range. This is a relatively new range and is often overlooked when buying sets for children that are more competent builders and huge Lego fans. However, we must give this set huge credit for what it actually offers.


We have 3 minifigures, including a Llloyd figure that is exclusive to this set. We also have 2 vehicles which look awesome and have a huge playability factor. There are also 2 small builds that make up the scenery for the figures to interact with.


There are a couple of interesting parts incuded in this set, so if your little builder like to get creative, they'll love this too.


This set would fit nicely within the current range of Lego Ninjago Movie themed sets, particularly with the The LEGO Ninjago Movie Spinjitzu Training (70606).


The way Juniors sets are put together means the parts count is fairly low, but for only £15.99 you’re actually getting very good value for money.


  1. 41239 Eclipso Dark Palace (rrp £99.99)

lego Christmas gifts for kids


The Eclipso Dark Palace is the largest of the DC Superhero Girls range, and contains 1078 pieces. They've used all of those parts to great effect too.


This set is centred around the Dark Palace. This is a very sturdy 2 story building using a very interesting colour palette. The ground floor contains a laboratory, mirror surrounded by beauty equipment, weapons racks and is where the Kryptomites are created.


The first floor is home to Eclipso's throne room, and also has 4 pods in which to capture the superheroes and drain them of their powers. The entire building opens and closes to give you access to every part of these rooms, and give plenty of room to play.

The set also includes Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet. The lower half of the cockpit is a solid coloured white with red, blue and gold accents, however the top half of the cockpit, unusual shaped wings and tail fin are all transparent. This really does give the appearance of being invisible.


The set even provides a “baddie” vehicle. Hidden in the spire of the building is The Jewel, Eclipso's small escape plane. The mini-doll style figures included are all exclusive to this set, Eclipso, Wonder Woman and The Flash. A very well executed set with hours of play for any superhero fan.


  1. 21135 The Crafting Box 2.0 (rrp £79.99)

21135 The Crafting Box 2.0 lego Christmas gifts


Here we have something for the fans of that cult computer game, Minecraft. If the recipient of your gift is that child who's spent hours in front of  a screen smashing blocks with axes, telling a guy called Steve what to do, discovering elements, building virtually anything and running away from Creepers, then you've got a huge fan of Minecraft!


This set has made it into our top 10 because of it's flexibility. Many Minecraft sets have a specific model to build. This however does not. In fact it has the potential to build loads of different combinations of models. The set is divided into 5 separate bags of bricks. Each bag has it's own instruction book. Within each instruction book is 3 possible build options.


This Crafting Box really embraces the true ethos of the Minecraft game, which is also so similar to that of Lego too. Build, take apart and rebuild this set into so many different scenes. Then use the great figures and creatures (including a horse and cow) that are also included to have hours and hours of play time fun.


  1. 41325 Heartlake City Playground (rrp £39.99)

41325 Heartlake City Playground Christmas gifts


Heartlake City has many fabulous areas and delightfully bright buildings. The Lego designers decided to allow the public to let them know what was missing by holding a compeition. Children from all over the world entered their own designs, but the winning entry was by a young girl called Sienna from the UK.


Sienna and her family got to travel to Billund, the home of Lego, to meet the designers and make her ideas become reality. That's how the Heartlake City Playground was created. The set even carries Sienna's name on the box.


The prize went 1 step further and actually recreated Sienna as a mini-doll figure. She even chose her own outfit, and what an awesome choice that was too. The puppy that's included isn't by accident either. This is Pippa, named after Sienna's grandmothers puppy.


The playground itself is very bright and bold. The main section has a large climbing frame, shaped like a country cottage/treehouse, complete with monkey bars, climbing wall, hopscotch, ladders and a slide. A see-saw and roundabout are on the same baseplate.


Also included is a swing set, small fountain and ice cream cart. Put these all together and hours of play time are ahead!


  1. 41146 Cinderella's Enchanted Evening (rrp £39.99)

41146 Cinderella's Enchanted Evening


Is there a more enchanting story than Cinderella? Of course not. The story has been around longer than Lego itself. More recently retold by Disney in a way only they can, and bought to each generation of youngsters hopeful to one day meet their own Prince Charming or Princess.


This Lego set focusses on the most magical part of the story when the Fairy God Mother turns mice into horses, pumpkins into carriages and Cinderella into the most beautiful princess.


The set is dominated by a huge white and gold carriage. The carriage has a beautifully detailed interior, and lustrous gold laden exterior. The carriage is pulled by a white horse with a gold mane and tail.


The set also has a cut-away section of Cinderella's house. The colour schemes and smaller details really make this an interesting little part of the set. But it's actually everything else that’s included with this set that makes it special. Cinderella has a spare outfit on a dress stand, so she can get changed for the ball. An invitation to the ball completes that look too.


  1. 70355 Aaron's Rock Climber 70355 (rrp £49.99)

70355 Aaron's Rock Climber 70355


This set is part of the Nexo Knights range. A great range of sets that tie in to a TV series on Cartoon Network.


This set is based around the archer, Aaron and his 3 in 1 Rock Climber car. The car has big rugged, off-road wheels and a sleek, almost arrow-like body. The references to bows and arrows are in abundance, with arrows mounted on the front, a crossbow that raises from the rear and the 3 pointed stars within the wheels.


The overall colour scheme is vibrant and eye-catching. The dark blue with neon orange and bight green accents has been very well put together.  The car also hides 2 smaller vehicles within. The front and rear sections both pull apart to reveal smaller flying vehicles, leaving a sleeker car in the middle.


This set also includes some villains. The main villain is Lord Krakenskull, a figure with a huge unique headpiece, shredded cape and lightning weapon. He has assistance by a huge brick built monster, the Krakenbeast. This is a great model on it's own, well thought out construction and bold colour scheme. A Stone Stomper, a Bouldron and a Brickster figure are all included too.


Aaron has some back up too, with a little Aaron Bot that helps him to control the vehicles. This Nexo Knights set also includes a unique Nexo Power, a scannable shield that can be used in the free app to give in game power-ups.


  1. 60161 Jungle Exploration Site (rrp £84.99)

60161 Jungle Exploration Site


This set has everything a Lego City fan is looking for. From the crashed aeroplane wreckage scenery, to the array of exploration vehicles, from man eating plants to killer crocodiles.


If your little gift recipient loves creating their own adventures, then the Jungle Exploration Site has it all. They really can let their imaginations run wild here. The plane wreckage has lots of interesting areas to explore, whilst the ancient temple sitting on the other side of the lazy river is full of treasures and hidden traps!


The vehicles are all very well matched with the striking orange, grey and red colour scheme. There is a go-anywhere 6x6 amphibious vehicle, a fully equipped mobile command truck, a helicopter that's ready to land anywhere, an off-road motorcycle that clips to the back of the truck and a kayak that'll sit on the trucks roof.


The 7 figures are all very well themed and ready for action, each with their own role within the team. They've even included plenty of accessories for the figures to get into character with. The addition of a man eating plant, crocodile and leopard really help set the scene for even more adventurous play.


  1. 31070 Turbo Track Racer (rrp £54.99)

31070 Turbo Track Racer


The Creator 3 in 1 range has produced many great sets recently. It's a favourite for young and old alike, as it promotes creativity and offers great value for money. This set pays particular attention to details that make all the models stand out from the crowd. The size of the vehicles is also something that’s different, these are far larger than usual for a creator set.


The Turbo Track Racer is a great looking sports car, using some interesting parts to create give the car sleek lines and sporty touches.  The built in “go faster stripe” and white wheels actually adds some very interesting contrast to this cool blue coloured car.


But as it's part of the Creator range, you're also getting instructions included for 2 alternative builds. There is another car, but this time based upon a Formula racing car. It has all the aerodynamic features you'd expect from this style of car, wings, spoilers and side pods. This model also has some realistic looking suspension which is the kind of detail that makes this set top of it's range. The colour contrast touches also work really well on this model.


The third model is a forklift truck. It's quite different to the other 2 vehicles, but has the same attention to details. The forks slide up and down, and lock into place with technic pins. A pallet is included too that fits nicely onto the forks. There's even an engine that can be moved around lifted by the vehicle.


  1. 41485 Finn & 41486 Captain Phasma BrickHeadz (rrp £9.99 each)

41485 Finn & 41486 Captain Phasma BrickHeadz


The latest addition to the BrickHeadz range come from Lego's most popular licence, Star Wars.


All BrickHeadz are built upon the same few principles. Put any number of them together and you'll quickly see the short stubby legs, mounted on a black base, printed with the series number upon it. They all have huge, over-sized blocky heads, with eyes mounted low and wide, and a lack of any other facial features. They also have tiny arms and hands mounted tight into the body.


Now there are of course many exceptions to these principles, like Captain Phasma here wears a helmet. This means the entire head had to be redesigned. There are some interesting ways of using parts within the helmet too. Phasma also holds a cute silver blaster, and has an unusual shaped cape on her back.


Finn is sporting a white Storm Trooper outfit on his body, but his head is exposed to tell him apart from a regular trooper. Finn carries a standard issue white blaster.


Both of these sets contain no sticker sheets, meaning there are no stickers to apply whatsoever. That can only be a good thing. BrickHeadz have proved to be incredibly collectible so far, and we're hoping to see many many more of these in the new year too.


  1. 17101 Lego Boost Creative Toolbox (rrp £149.99)

17101 Lego Boost Creative Toolbox


This set is like no other that's been released this year! And there are a whole bunch of reasons why it's our number 1!

The first thing to point out though is that it does require a tablet computer with the free app downloaded and installed. The instructions are completely digital, but the app does far more than just guide you to build models. It helps bring those models to life.


There are several build projects, from the highly publicised Bernie the Robot, to a cute cat and a guitar. Each one has 3 different levels of building customisation, which the app guides you through.


All of these projects are built around the big white Boost Brick. This brick links to the app via bluetooth, then controls the various motors and sensors within the model, making each project come alive.


The interaction of the different projects is where this set stands head and shoulders above any other gifts this year. The cat can be stroked and fed. The robot can tell jokes. The truck can avoid driving into obstacles. The guitar can become any instrument. The machine really builds tiny robots. And that's just a tiny fraction of the sets potential!


This set encourages users to learn basic forms of coding, and has the ability to cater for many different levels of coding competence. So whether they're a complete beginner and just want an awesome Lego set, or they’re more serious about coding and want to develop their skills, this set has it all!

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