LEAKED Lego Star Wars The Last Jedi Sets! Large Lego BB-8 & More!

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Lego Star Wars The Last Jedi Sets
Written by James Finnis
Lego has long had a history of mixing original creations with some fantastic licensed sets based on the great film franchises of the day. One of the most high-profile line of sets is based on Star Wars which has found its way back into the public consciousness with the recent new films being released to much fanfare and critical acclaim. It is not surprising that Lego and Star Wars are a perfect match, they both have a unique blend of nostalgia value and modern audience appeal. In many ways, they are both timeless and continue to find new fans every year.
lego 75189 star wars first order heavy assult walker
The next film to be released is the second instalment of the third trilogy, ‘The Last Jedi’ will continue the story from 2015’s ‘The Force Awakens’. Some of the great Lego sets of recent times were based on ‘The Force Awakens’, such as the new Millennium Falcon, Poe’s X-Wing and the First Order TIE Fighter. These sets were high quality and effective as a new take on iconic designs from earlier films, much in the way their counterparts were in the film itself.
Star wars the last jedi papimax lego
My personal favourite is the TIE Fighter, a great updated look with a red and black finish compared to the grey of earlier versions. This set was a mid range set in terms of size and price so doesn’t compare to the UCS version of the TIE fighter but LEGO decided not to offer a UCS version this time round.
lego 75101 first order special forces tie fighter
With the quality of sets very high, there is a level of expectation around the new range due to be released around the time that ‘The Last Jedi’ hits cinemas in December. A recent leak has given a glimpse of what we can expect and it doesn’t look as though Lego will be letting us down. Several large builds look set to be part of the range with some highlights being an updated AT-AT Style Walker and a Rebel Bomber which has a unique looking shape.
Lego 75190 star wars first order star destroyer set
Surely the pick of the bunch though will be a large, 1000 plus piece model of the fan favourite droid BB-8. The spherical design and cheeky personality conveyed by this mechanical marvel contribute towards its massive popularity. The BB-8 minifigure supplied in a couple of ‘The Force Awakens’ sets its included in the picture to show the scale and it is sure to be a massive hit among fans.
lego 75187 star wars BB-8
As this is an unofficial leak, there is still time for things to change but all signs point to this being an accurate representation of what is to come. No pricing information has been released but we can expect similar pricing to sets from the ‘The Force Awakens’ and ‘Rogue One’ ranges, so get saving!
lego 75179 star wars kylo ren's TIE fighter

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