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We've been using a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar to count down to Christmas in the office, and we're officially a third of the way through! So what does door number 8 have for us today? LSW16_08_1.jpg We couldn't quite work out what it was from the picture at first, and thought it might be some kind of satellite. Inside were 9 pieces, 2 of which were spares. DSC_1897.JPG Like all of the previous days, it's a simple build, as there aren't many pieces. Once built it's easier to tell that it's a turret (an FD-P Tower to be exact) to be used on the battlefield. The turret looks the part and we're pleased to see that it pivots and has control handles for a minifigure. DSC_1899-01.jpegDSC_1902-01.jpeg
Day 9 of our Star Wars Advent Calendar, let's see what's behind that door! DSC_1920.JPGDSC_1914.JPG Another Minifigure! This time a Rebel fighter from the battlefields of Hoth. This Hoth Rebel Trooper has particularly nice face, with a power 'stache and beard. The body is typical of the Hoth Rebel Trooper minifigures, the print is sharp and detailed if not a little boring. DSC_1916.JPG He comes with a helmet and goggles and a small blaster. Overall the minifigure is nice, but generic. While nothing too exciting, its always good to have lots of minifigures, particularly if your building up a star wars battle scene. DSC_1918.JPG
Hitting double digits on the Christmas countdown, Let's see what's behind Door #10! We were pleased to open the door up and see what looks like a ship of some kind, a much more enjoyable build than another minifigure.
All in all, it's an interesting mini-build of the Imperial Star Destroyer that keeps its recognisable shape despite the small form factor. DSC_1907.JPGDSC_1911.JPG We particularly like that the rear exhausts are posable giving it some extra display value. DSC_1912.JPG
Day 11 has given us another great looking minibuild, to follow up from yesterday's star destroyer build. This time we have a micro scale version the Armoured Assault Tank (AAT) seen in The Phantom Menace. The model is easily recognisable and does a good job of capturing the likeness to the real thing, and is consisted of 14 elements. DSC_1911.JPG One of the best things about this model is the turret actually swivels in a similar action to the actual tank, as well as the two side guns rotating too. This gives the model some extra play value which is rarely found on such small scale builds. DSC_1906.JPG
Day 12! Let's see what Lego has in store for us! Lego surprised us today with another micro build vehicle, we were expecting a minifigure or some smaller structure build. DSC_1915.JPG Continuing the theme from the last few days of easily recognisable combat vehicles, today we have an HMP Droid Gunship from Revenge of the Sith. DSC_1913.JPG Once again the build makes good use of the bricks and scales the design well. The only problem here is that the the original ship was ugly to start with, and so the model is too. It's an odd inclusion to the calendar, as we're not sure many people are fans of this ship's design. DSC_1914.JPG
Following the release of Lego’s newest Star Wars sets based on the upcoming Rogue One movie, we’re taking a look at the film’s new characters and their Lego minifigure representations. We've looked at three of the new star wars sets and given a profile for each character.

75155 Rebel U Wing

The 75155 Rebel U Wing Set comes with a total of 5 minifigures, three of which based on main characters from the upcoming movie. The set is valued at £69.99 and has an average 4.8 Rating. In our opinion its one of the most tempting new sets.

Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso, the protagonist of Rogue One is included in the 75155 Rebel U Wing set, making it one of most tempting new Lego Star Wars sets released. 75155jynerso.jpgJyn_Erso_Fathead.png Jyn Erso is the daughter of the scientist Galen Erso, and developed a rebellious and reckless nature after being separated from both parents at the age of 15. With a difficult upbringing in the Galactic Empire, Jyn is no stranger to the galactic underworld, and is often considered reckless and undisciplined.  She was recruited into the Alliance and assisted in the theft of the plans for the Death Star. As a key character in the upcoming movie, Jyn’s minifigure doesn’t disappoint. The fierce look on her face is enough to intimidate any storm trooper!


We don’t know too much about Bistan prior to the film release, but if the minifigure is anything to go off of, he’s going to be an interesting character.  He is included in the 75155 Rebel U Wing set. 75155bistan.jpgMimban-SW_Card_Trader.png Bistan is a male Iakaru, who took part in the Galactic Civil War and assisted in the theft of the Death Star plans. He served as the door gunner on the UT-D60 U-Fighter. The Bistan minifigure is certainly an interesting one, as the first minifigure representation of an Iakaru it has a unique head piece  on top of a regular torso. 

Cassian Andor

Also included in the 75155 Rebel U Wing set, is the Cassian Andor Minifigure. 75155cassian.jpgCassian_Andor_Fathead.png Cassian Andor was the Intelligence Officer to the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War, and assisted the Rebel’s mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. With plenty of first hand experience fighting in wars against the Empire, Andor is a reserved character, believing in practical intelligence as the key to winning the war. Cassian looks to be a very interesting character in the upcoming Rogue One, and the minifigure only intrigues us more. He sports a eye catching blue uniform and gives a cocky grin.

75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank

Imperial-Assault-Hovertank-75152-box.jpgThe 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank  set is available for £29.99 and features two imperial storm troopers and the interesting new Chirrut Imwe minifigure. The set has an average rating of 4.7, and we think it's pretty good value for the money.

Chirrut Imwe

Included in the 75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank set, Chirrut Imwe looks to be an interesting character. 75152chirrut.jpgChirrut_Imwe.png Imwe is a blind warrior monk, who while he is not force sensitive is a strong believer in the Jedi way, and shows this through his preference towards simple weapons such as a staff and bowcaster. Through his spirituality Imwe has overcome his blindness to become a very formidable opponent. Born of the Moon Jehda, joined the rogue group of rebels in their efforts to steal plans for the first Death Star during the reign of the Galactic Empire. The minifigure looks just as cool as the film portrayal, and comes with an impressive looking Bowcaster and staff to fend off the storm troopers!

75153 AT-ST Walker


You can't go wrong with an AT-ST Walker, especially when it comes with features a minifigure of the new character Baze. The set retails for £39.99 and has an average rating of 4.6.  The AT-ST itself looks great and in our opinion is much better than previous sets. In addition to Baze there is a Rebel and AT-ST driver minifigure included.

Baze Malbus

Baze Malbus’ minifigure likeness is included in the 75153 AT-ST Walker set. 75153baze.jpgBaze_Malbus_EW.png Baze is the dedicated friend and protector of Chirrut Imwe, fighting alongside the rebels as an assassin during the Galactic Empire days. Unlike his blind companion, Malbus is less worried about staying true t the way of the Jedi, and makes use of a powerful heavy repeater cannon. Having lived a difficult life on the imperial controlled moon of Jehda, Malbus has had plenty of practice using his overpowered fire arms. The minifigure   Malbus looks as tough as he sounds, giving a gritty warrior  grimace, and sporting his heavy repeater cannon.

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