Newest Lego Sets, Batman Movie Figures (71017) And More!

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John Lewis has teamed up with Lego and bright bricks, to create 5 of its iconic ads to mark the 10th anniversary for their ads. They’ve recreated the sets and now on display at their flagship store on Oxford Street until Christmas.  It took 7 professional Lego builders to create this- 116 hours to complete all five construction and about 9400 bricks were used. There is also a video on how the creation was made. The video includes a time lapse of each creation, showing from the very first brick used to create the sets. It took 33 hours to complete the ‘Man on the Moon’ advert of 2015, which was the longest to make, while ‘The Bear and the Hare’ advert of 2013 used the most bricks at 2,400 pieces. s3-all_adverts_in_lego--default--640.jpg Fun fact Did you know that this years advert cost John Lewis £7Million pounds to make, the advert for those who haven’t seen it centers around a dog waiting to bounce on the trampoline brought by his owner We just found this interesting, let’s just admit it who doesn’t love Lego?!   Haven't seen the video yet?


Lego have released the official images for the new seasonal promotion, the Gingerbread  Man Minifigure Box (5005156). The Minifigure and it's box will be offered as a free gift for purchases over $50 in Lego stores between 12th and 18th December. 31355951161_6af6b2dd3e.jpg While the minifigure is not new (it was released back in 2013 with the Minifigure Series 11) This is good chance to get one if you missed out on it before it was retired.

We've already seen the majority of new Batman Movie sets, most through unofficial leaks, but now Lego have released some more official images of the new sets! One of the coolest looking sets, that we hadn't yet seen is the Penguin Arctic Roller (70911).  The set still has no pricing, but contains 305 pieces and will be available directly form Lego in January 2017. arctic roller.pngThe set features the elaborate looking Arctic Roller car alongside two minifigures. The car itself looks true to something the Penguin would drive, and fits in well with the over-the-top style that we're seeing throughout the Movie material. Adorned with large gawdy headlights and fish missiles, the car still maintains the class and style of a (somewhat insane) business man/ evil villain.  There's also a hidden get away boat inside the rear of the car. The set includes the rather generic Batman Movie Minifigure, and a new Penguin Minifigure. the-lego-batman-movie-the-penguin-arctic-roller-minifigures-70911-2016-zusammengebaut-andres-lehmann.jpg The Batman minifigure is similar to the one included in other Batman Movie sets, he has reversible face giving the choice between his trademark scowl or a disgusted face. The Penguin's new minifigure is the stand out here. Differing slightly from the Penguin figure included in the 70909 Batcave Break-in set, this version has a new white fure collar piece and a new, angrier facial expression. All in all we think that this set looks great, the car itself looks fantastic and true to the character, and the new Penguin Minifigure is also an attraction. We can't comment on the value for money, as the pricing is TBA, but it's definitely a set that we are going to keep our eyes on!

Meet Lester

29005033274_9b76ef2dc0_b.jpgSo who is this minifigure, and why is he worth £2800! The WANTED minifigure is the new Lego mascot, Lester (get it?) Lester is already popular among the public, he was shown when the store was going through a construction facade. Lester is an English tea-drinking Lego minifure who is an expert on all things relating to the capital city and Lego matters! Currently selling for  £2800, there will only be 275 Lester Minifigures available as a scratchcard prize from the new London store, hence why the price of this Lego Minifigure  is hitting roof tops! I guess it’s fair to say that people are willing to buy this Minifigure as a memory.

History Lesson? Why Not!

Was there really a Lester of Leicester Square? Well, no...robertsidney2.jpg Leicester square was named after Leicester House, a mansion which was owned by local landowner Robert Sidney, the Earl of Leicester (1595-1677). The title, which dates back to the 12th century, refers to the city in the East Midlands, which was recorded as ‘Ligora-ceastre’ in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. ‘Ligora’ is assumed to have been an earlier name for the River Soar, while ‘ceastre’ derives from the Latin castrum (a building or plot of land used as a military position). So if anyone was to be called the original Lester, it’d be Earl Robert Sydney, although we can’t see any resemblance.

Plastic Gold

Who would’ve thought that Lego sets and Minifigures now hold a higher value than shares and gold. When invested wisely,  people have secured a better return in buying Lego sets over the past 15 years than from gold stock or savings accounts. Executive-Building-Brick-Set-Gold.jpg Lego sets that are kept in very good condition have increased in value about 12% each year since the turn of the millennium, with second-hand prices going up for specific sets as soon as these sets go out of production. Modern sets are also performing just as strong, sets released last year are already selling on eBay for 36% more than the original price

What Lego sets should you buy?

You’re probably wondering what Lego sets are really worth investing in... Well we have the answer! Star wars millennium falcon set Lego and Star Wars is a partnership that has spawned so many great models and games, yet the Millennium Falcon is probably our favourite purely down to the intricate details. Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout Jurassic World was without doubt one of the biggest (and best) film releases of 2015, so it wouldn't be right if there wasn't a matching LEGO set. The Tumbler An amazingly cool LEGO® model of the iconic vehicle from the Batman™ The Dark Knight Trilogy Star wars AT-AT LEGO Star Wars AT-ST Walker 75153 is a great addition to your LEGO Star Wars Rouge One Collection. Architecture studio Bring your architectural creations to life in LEGO® form with LEGO Architecture Studio. They are really worth investing, some of them are discontinued and others will be discontinued soon. So why not invest into something that is playful but also worth the work!

Lego have officially announced the new Lego Batman Movie Minifgures (71017), and spoiler alert… They look great! The new Minifigure set will contain 20 new Minifigures and will be available from 1st January 2017. The new Minifigures were announced on the official Lego Twitter page, and give revealed the full line up of batman themed Minifigures. In addition to several fun variations of the dark knight himself, we also get some new villains and side characters.  Here is a full list of the new Lego Batman Movie Minifigure Set 71017 [caption id="attachment_102" align="alignnone" width="218"]30358708524_55c9ecaa92_b  30358708864_c88f3f35a7_b 30372923523_510c575d44_b 30372923603_ab41ba8066_b30372923663_0d45917b4b_b30372923683_7aa4002f13_b 30372923823_9f34b16ae5_b 30372923843_1a7ba3c8c3_b 30372923933_03b1e607e9_b  30372924083_a961d854da_b 30372924103_960c47974d_b  30372924143_e40f47b7b7_b 30372924163_33b1e381da_b30372924203_336e052c90_b 30372924263_90cbc57704_b 30812526600_870a6836bd_b

Lego has announced three new additions to the beautiful Skyline branch of the Architecture theme for 2017. We’re massive fans of the skyline sets, as manage to capture the iconic landmarks of each city while keeping a clean and minimalist style. As before, with the New York, Venice and Berlin sets, Lego has beautifully transformed iconic city skylines from around the world into brick form. The new sets include Sydney (21032), Chicago (21033) and London (21034).21032-Sydney-LEGO-Architecture-2017-Sets-Skyline-e1479329491384.jpgThe Sydney Skyline looks great, and features the famous Sydney Opera House and Harbour bridge, along with the Sydney Tower Eye.  The buildings are complimented nicely by the clear blue water under the bridge which really helps set the scene. LEGO-Chicago-Skyline-Architecture-2017-Winter-Set-e1479329890691.jpgWhile perhaps not as iconic as the New York City Skyline, the Chicago still manages to impress with the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and John Hancock Centre dominating the skyline, and the Cloud Gate sculpture and bridge at the ground level. LEGO-21034-London-Skyline-Winter-2017-Architecture-Set-e1479329567749.jpgLast but definitely not least, the London Skyline. Perhaps our favourite of the new skylines, and easily the most predicted addition, the London set features Big Ben and the Tower Bridge, beautifully contrasted against the London Eye behind them and Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column sit off to the side.


LEGO-2017-Batman-Movie-Riddler-Riddle-Racer-70903-Box-e1479075544604-640x420.jpg You’d be forgiven for not getting too excited at hearing the announcement of a new Riddler car, as we’ve already had The Riddler Chase (76012) released back in 2014. There’s still plenty to get excited about with this new set however, as not only does the new car have different and exciting new design, the set comes with a total of 5 minifigures. 22786547668_f98516de8b_o.jpgThere’s the standard Batman Minifigure (of course), then a stylish new Riddler, complete with a cool looking question mark cane, and then a selection of Batman’s most obscure adversaries: Calendar Man, Kite Man and Magpie. Its these last three characters that are the most interesting, from Calendar Man sports an awesome looking (you guessed it, calendar themed) cape, to Magpie’s signature hair and costume in Minifig form. These are the three Batman minifigures we didn’t even know we wanted!

There’s been a lot of excitement over the announcement of the new Lego Batman Movie Sets, and rightly so! At first we were a little skeptical that Lego could add anything that new or exciting to the batman line, but we were wrong to doubt them! p2rpr0d5l1xx.jpgLet’s start with one of the most exciting new sets, the 70904 Clayface Splat Attack set! That’s right, we finally have a Lego Clayface  figure, and even more exciting it’s not just a standard minifigure, but rather a brick built one! This was a good call from Lego, as it brilliantly captures the essence of the character with a stud textured body and what looks to be a stud-shooting fist! Although its hard to tell from the released photos, Clayface’s brick built body looks like it’ll have several articulation points making it pretty posable. With Clayface as the centre piece to this to set, there’s also an exclusive new minifigure of the Mayor (comically trapped in clay), and the standard Movie Batman minifigure to rescue him. 22786548008_fde5860188_o.jpgAll in all this looks like a pretty exciting new set, with the brick built Clayface being the main object of focus. Personally we can’t wait to get a better look at it once its released!

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