Instructions for Professional BrickLink Sellers

Instructions for Professional Bricklink Sellers

This part is mainly for Professional Bricklink sellers who already have some knowledge or have a bit of understanding of the Bricklink system, with our logic and StackX system, your efficiency will be greatly improved and anyone who doesn’t know the LEGO world can pick and pack your Bricklink orders for you.


Have your bricklink store ready for loading inventory, and below are 4 different ways to add inventory to your Bricklink system with our StackX boxes.


  1. Part Out (adding a complete set into your inventory)


When you use the Part Out function, please add the “Element ID” of the brick in the comments; and the “Drawer Number” in My Remarks (you can find element ID of each brick in the set on the last pages of your LEGO instructions. If the item is not a brick, like instruction booklet or sticker sheet you may create a unique code/identification for it, to put into “comments”



  1. Add Item: If you only know the Design ID (design ID is on back of every LEGO brick) then follow these instructions:


  • Click the icon at the top that says “Add Item” → choose the type of brick you wish to upload i.e. brick or Minifigure →click “Submit”


  • 1st: Fill in your “Part Number” with your Design ID

2nd: Click the “View Image” button, the system will show the brick image.

3rd: choose the right colour of your brick.

4th: Fill in your ‘’ Element ID’’ in Comments (please see “Instructions for Pro Collector” about how to find your Element ID)

5th: Fill in “Drawer Number” in My Remarks

Then fill in the rest of the required info like quantity and price before you add them into your Bricklink inventory.


  1. The easiest way to add individual bricks: If you know your Element ID
  • On the Bricklink main page, top search bar, type in your element ID and search, It will show the specific brick with Colour details, please only click “Colour”  to find the right brick; otherwise system will show various colours of this brick.

  • After you click “Colour”, system will show all details of this brick, then please click the “Add to Inventory” button.

  • In the Inventory adding page, you can add the “Element ID” in the Comments section; and the “Drawer Number” in the Remarks section. Then fill in the rest of required info like quantity and price before you upload it to your inventory.


  • You can upload your local Excel inventory to the system.


We have shown you all 4 different ways of adding “Element ID’’ and your brick location “Drawer Number” to your Bricklink system, after you’ve received a Bricklink order, you can print out the order page to pick and pack your order, and you know exactly where these bricks are located as its all on the order page, you and anyone else you ask, can now pick your order and can easily find the LEGO bricks using the system that you have set up.

 You can easily find the brick with their location already marked in the order page, once you find the drawer number, you can easily locate the brick; if you have 10 different colours (10 different element ID) in one drawer, the easiest thing you can do is to leave a small piece of paper in each compartment with the element ID written on it, so when you find the right drawer, then you find the right brick and double check it with the Element ID on your order page with the small piece of paper inside of this brick in your drawer to make sure you’re 100% sure that you take the right brick in the right colour.

Below are a few drawers of our Bricklink shop for your reference:

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