Instructions for Organizing LEGO for Senior Collectors

The idea is to sort the bricks in such a way that they are organised in groups and then each group be given a drawer or drawers labelled with a corresponding reference. Once in the drawer you can then separate by colour.

Then using this as your reference you will be able to narrow down the area the brick is located and cut down on the time it takes you to find it.

This system can continue for as many drawers as needed. It is important to note that this should be tailored to your needs and you may wish change the amount of brick types per drawer depending on how many bricks you have.


See below for an example of how you can sort your bricks.


Logic Sheet

This is just a sample, you can always set it up in your own way!

A(1-999), B(1-999) … Z(1-999) … AL(1-999)…ABT(1-999)……


A: Rectangle like 1X2 ~~ 2X12


B: Bricks & Plates 1x1.


C: Tile


D: Round

E: Triangle & Trapezoid

F: Bricks with Slope

G: Door and windows

H: Plant

I: Animal

J: Tracks & Wheels

K: Pin


L: Gears & Axle

M: Technic – The Rectangle

N: Technic – The Square & Rriangle

O: Technic – Other

P: Motors, Cables & Wires

Q: Minifigures

R: Minifigure Accessories


Now that you have an idea about how the solution works how do we put it in to practice?

  • Take 1 drawer and label it A1.
  • Separate the drawer using the removable dividers arrange to suit the amount of bricks you have (maximum of 15 compartments per drawer)

  • Fill each compartment with a different rectangular shaped brick (as per logic sheet)
  • Sort your bricks into colour and variation as you place them into the drawer.

  • Once the drawer is full you can start the process again with a new drawer this time labelling it A2. “A” for your rectangular shaped bricks and “2” because it is the 2nd drawer of this brick type.


How to locate bricks after sorting

Now that we have successfully catalogued all the bricks.  We can find them using the logic sheet above.

Looking for a triangular brick? Go to the section of drawers labelled “E”

How about a round brick? That’s in drawer section “D”

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